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    Shots Fired!: Ballin’

    Rapper extraordinaire Freddie Gibbs joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to discuss athletes trying to rap. They talk about the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle,” the LA Rams’ “Ram It,” Darryl Strawberry’s “Chocolate Strawberry,” Shaq’s “You Can’t Stop The Reign,” B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret, Kobe Bryant failed attempt at rap, Deion Sanders’ “Must Be The Money,” Tony Parker ft. Fabolous, Chris Webber ft. Kurupt, Allen Iverson’s “40 Bars,” Metta World Peace’s “Afghan Women,” Kevin Durant’s “Wired,” The Hyperizers’ “Don’t Criticize,” and Delonte West’s KFC Freestyle. Plus, the guys give their reasons for not going to SXSW this year.


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